Vorsteiner Carbon Fenders -Huracan
  • Vorsteiner Carbon Fenders -Huracan

    Novara Edizione Aero Front Vented Fenders from Vorsteiner for the Lamborghini Huracan are the finishing touch needed for the perfect blend of functional aerodynamics and beauty. Constructed of lightweight carbon fiber.

    The vented carbon fiber fenders are derived from motorsports, their primary function is removing the heat generated by the carbon ceramic brake system. While the idea is purely functional, we can’t deny that it is a fantastic detail to behold aswell. Just like the other parts of this program, these fenders are made of lightweight and incredibly strong pre-preg carbon fiber meaning that these parts weigh less then the factory parts. You can’t go wrong with weight reduction, especially if it looks like this.

      £4,750.00 Regular Price
      £3,000.00Sale Price