GOLF 7/7.5 Dynamic Taillight
  • GOLF 7/7.5 Dynamic Taillight


    Made to fit Volkswagen Golf from 2013-2020, made from Polycarbonate which has high hardness, high strength & high UV resistance.



    We have options for all models from mk7 halogen to mk7 R/GTI/GTD users wanting to facelift their lights! Or even 2018 Mk7.5 users wanting to add the R look to their car


    We are introducing something that a lot of people have been asking for. Updated Mk7.5 LED Tail lights that are low cost, and easy to install onto your MK 7 car.

    These tail lights have the outward appearance and function of the revised Mk7.5 Golf R LED Tail lights, but are designed as an easy upgrade for your Mk7 Golf\GTI or R. They DO NOT fit the Alltrack or Sportwagen, the taillights on these models are a different shape.

    Externally, they look and function the same as the Mk 7.5 Golf R LED Tail lights, with the exception of being able to have dual fog lights.

    Video above are of the red version to show how they work.